“>George Ward Barn Quilt Tour video       “>CLICK HERE

Crocodile Productions, Barbara Urbach and Gary VanOsch, have created a unique  barn quilt video for the Ontario Barn Quilt Trail. Their new home in Wardsville, “the old Community Hall”, is proving to be a great working space for this creative and ingenious couple.

On October 5, 2010, the “>George Ward Barn Quilt Tour launched to an appreciative crowd including the councillors of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex.

Check out their website. They have other videos and do unique wedding videos.    Thank-you Barb and Gary.

Donna Sue Groves, the Woman behind the Barn Quilts VIDEO

Here is the story about the origin of barn quilts.

From (July 2009) Losing a job and learning you have cancer would devastate just about anybody – except for Donna Sue Groves. She is a survivor. What helps Donna Sue fight is the love and support of family and friends, and the community she has helped create through a simple idea of painting colorful quilt squares on barns.


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