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Stained Glass Window hosted by Wardsville United Church

In the early 1800s, there were no churches. Settlement was sparse. This was a time for personal direction in faith and ‘saddlebag’ preachers. These men of God traveled from place to place on horseback, ministering to the people.  Whatever building was available was transformed into a sacred space for baptizing, preaching, and performing marriage services and funeral services.
While there was no church during Ward’s time, it is evident that George and Margaret Ward were devout Anglicans. They strove to exemplify Christian values and taught their children well. Their faith was strongly connected to their experiences of new life, growth and establishing their new home.
In the 1840s and 1850s, George Ward’s immediate descendants allocated pieces of land from his British crown land grant to committees to establish churches in the town of Wardsville.

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Written by Rosemary Cranney, Becky Clarke and Ken Willis

Wardsville Tire sponsors the Indian Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush is sponsored by Wardsville Tire.  Check out the new video by  Crocodile Entertainment honouring the Delaware Nation that features a great ad for Wardsville Tire.

Indian Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush, a barn quilt block, that honours the Delaware Nation, Moravian of the Thames Band, was a colourful contrast against the snow storm of December 2010.

This brightly coloured barn quilt block is in the traditional colours of the Delaware First Nations People and proved quite the attraction against the white snow.

Property owners state it is not uncommon for several people a day to stop and take a picture of this beautiful block.

Denise Corneil

Indian Paint Brush

Honouring our neighbours downriver:
Delaware Nation
Moravian of the Thames

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Story Book

Wardsville Barn Quilt Stories for you to read and print off.

The Old Pump House on Johnston Line.

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The Purcells  from 21850 Johnston Line,R#1  Wardsville installed a beautiful barn quilt block on the old “pump house”. Their daughter Wendy was instrumental in getting this piece of rural art painted for them at Made On Earth art gallery. 


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