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We keep up-dating a living document we call “Best Practices” with our personal discoveries and the tips shared by other barn quilt projects.  Best Practices Documents can be downloaded here at the Ontario Barn Quilt Trails blog.

If you want to get started drop me a line and I can help you plan a community-based project.   I have thousands of quilt patterns and a basic plan.

Rick Sommer, local artist, will paint a barn quilt for you at a reasonable price.  Here’s the link to the world’s first 100% Environmentally friendly outdoor art gallery.

Denise Corneil

  1. I am from Indiana and I have just discovered the art of making barn quilts and am now on my 2nd one. I would love to hear from you with guidelines and tips on making a quilt.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks, Gayle

  2. Wardsville Bicentennial

    Please tell us about your experience and best tips, Gayle. We want to share the best techniques with all those contemplating or starting a project.

  3. I am looking for large patterns and instructions

    • Hi Betty
      Try the Electric Quilt Company…. lots of patterns. Over 4500 to choose from. We are working on a best practise document here in Wardsville but there are lots of instructions on the internet.
      Use MDO Board, sign board, around $100 for 2- 4×8 sheets. Makes an 8’x8′ barn quilt block. Use primer to prime front and back of boards. 3 time front and 2 on the back. Don’t forget the edges…very important. Put your pattern on with LIGHT pencil marks. Use good quality exterior paint for your pattern..
      Good luck. Denise

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