If you are looking to create your own Barn Quilt or Barn Quilt Trail drop us a line. We can offer you good hearted Canadian encouragement and all the info we have gathered.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Denise Corneil,  Barn Quilt project coordinator.   email-

If you identify yourself in an image and do NOT wish it to be publicly available, please contact me at  We appreciate that some individuals may not wish to have images of themselves visible online. If you have any concerns or objections about images or descriptions on this site please contact us.

  1. Hey Rick, it’s your friendly neighbour (the one you gave the cool knight-moon to), on the hill 🙂
    I stopped by today with my son and you were gone and apparently closed for the winter. I left that big goofey cross I told you about for you to use and hoped I could still come by for a visit now and again. Let me know if that is cool, Take care my man!

  2. Hope all is well up north! I admire your web site and the constant news like pops-up via Google. I posted your You-Tube video to our Facebook page. It is a marvelous video!!

    Plus, I wanted to make sure that you knew about The Quilt Trail Gathering ~ Celebrating a Decade. It be be held in Ohio May 13-14 and it would be a dream come true if you could attend. Here’s our web site and Facebook links. If you need more info email me.

    ~donna sue

  3. Hi Rick & Family ! Sorry we did not come by this summer of your opening. Been busy with family !I thought you might want to look at some things of my dad’s Antiques or junk for your eco art! Selling house and giving away some of his things this weekend. He has a Old dinning room table it was from mennonite country,has the big ball legs and very long! contact me on face book

  4. Deborah Guitard

    Hi Rick, Just wanted to say a big thank you for letting my friends and I come for a visit to your gallery and have our cards read on Sat July 12, 2014. Everyone had a great time and we hope to all make it back out again this yea before you close for the winter. Take care Deborah Guitard from London, Ontario

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