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You are invited: to the Longwoods Memorial Service

Battle of the Longwoods 2012

The Battle of the Longwoods was a great success this past weekend.   There were just over 800 public came on Saturday and just under
800 on Sunday according to LTVCA.   Check out the photos posted at

And here are the photos photographed by DEREK RUTTAN, THE LONDON FREE PRESS

Seeking Information

Ann Wilson and Marion Homer from the Harrow, Colchester area visited Wardsville this week. These gals are hot for barn quilts!

Establishing a Barn Quilt Trail along 50 highway through the blossoming wine district with Lake Erie in the background is a grand project for the citizens of this area.

Ann and Marion asked a lot of questions and went home envisioning how a Barn Quilt Trail will evolve in time for the War of 1812 commemorative events in 2012.

We wish them well and good luck!            Denise Corneil

Takin’ the Barn Quilt show on the road

Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil have taken the “Talkin’ Barn Quilts” on the road.

We thank the Rodney Kiwanis Club for inviting us to tell them about barn quilts.  TELL them!?  We challenged them to launch a barn quilt project that tells the story of Aldborough Township and Rodney.  Every community has an intriguing story to illustrate with folk art. 

Be it village or farm side, there is a Creative Community waiting to be inspired to do a barn quilt.

Our 45-minute show will inspire your community to get on the barn quilt trail. It’s time for our rural communities to connect with social media and tell their story: facebook, twitter, blogs, Power point, You Tube video.  They are important tools for connecting with the virtual world.  Our younger and urban neighbours want to connect with the country.  Barn quilts are the visual –  social media is the means of communication.

Denise Corneil and Mary Simpson, Creative Communities

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