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Town & Country Landscaping sponsors Tree of Life

Crazy 8 Barn and Garden     Our sponsor, Susanne Spence, Town & Country Landscaping, has finished restoring her octogonal barn at  14226 Talbot Trail, Palmyra, ON.

Here’s the barn quilt that her company, Town & Country Landscaping, sponsored in Wardsville.

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Bob Landsborough, Ken Willis, Ross Snider, Tom McCallum install the Tree of Life at the corner of Haggerty and Longwoods Road.

Tree of Life

The tree of life is the Irish symbol of Family. George Ward and his wife left their ancestral family in Ireland to come to the New World.  They were determined to build their own family and heritage in these lands. Many Irish people travelled to resettle in the Canadian wilderness in hopes of a better life. The English and Scots settled this part of Ontario as well. Many Europeans saw Canada as a land of opportunity and potential for prosperity. They left their native lands in order to have a chance at a better life.

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Wardsville Tire sponsors the Indian Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush is sponsored by Wardsville Tire.  Check out the new video by  Crocodile Entertainment honouring the Delaware Nation that features a great ad for Wardsville Tire.

Indian Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush, a barn quilt block, that honours the Delaware Nation, Moravian of the Thames Band, was a colourful contrast against the snow storm of December 2010.

This brightly coloured barn quilt block is in the traditional colours of the Delaware First Nations People and proved quite the attraction against the white snow.

Property owners state it is not uncommon for several people a day to stop and take a picture of this beautiful block.

Denise Corneil

City Centre Archives sponsors Woodland Path

Alicia Nelms and Steve Bradley of City Centre Archives pose in front of their Cross Roads barn quilt at the corner of Longwoods and Hagerty.     City Centre Archives is community minded and jumped at the chance to get on the barn quilt trail.

City Centre Archives minimizes frustration and saves valuable time by helping you get organized, so the information is at your finger tips. Our innovative storage solutions protect your valuable information from theft, espionage, flood and fire damage.

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Battle of the Longwoods and “Soldiers”

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The re-enactment of the Battle of the Longwoods will will be held Sat. March 8, 2014.  Traffic will be re-routed off Longwoods Road.  This is the first time the battle will be re-enacted on the actual site.

The “Soldiers” barn quilt block was the first choice for this battle ground where blood was spilled.  “Soldiers” captures the attention of motorists speeding by and encourages people to stop the car and pay respects at the cairn.

The Upper Thames Reenactment Society cares for the site and holds a memorial service each year on the first Sunday of March at 2:00 p.m.

“Soldiers” is sponsored by Betty Simpson.

Egg Farmers of Ontario sponsor the Maple Leaf

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Centennial Maple Leaf was installed by newly weds Eric and Sarah Simpson on their Woodgreen barn soon after their wedding,  July 17, 2010.  Eric and Sarah are young egg farmers whose quilt block was sponsored by Egg Farmers of Ontario.

Centennial Maple Leaf

The Centennial Maple Leaf is an integral part of our Canadian history. It was designed for Canada’s one hundredth anniversary in 1967. The people of Wardsville chose this symbol for a quilt block to celebrate the Village’s bicentennial and to express our awareness of the greater connection our community has with Canada as a whole.

The maple tree is well regarded for its sap and wood. Its leaves are soaked to create a special wood stain to protect wood products. The maple leaf is a local and national symbol. Our maple trees are a source of pride for our country and our beginnings in the North American wilderness.



Egg Farmers of Ontario are the proud sponsors of the Centennial Maple Leaf


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