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Oh, and I missed your edit earlier. If you start a basic Facebook page, I could ask an admin of the group to add you. It’s just called “Fiero”. ~2500 members, some like me with stock cars, and some with crazy modded cars. A few goofs, but what group’s got *no* goofs, right?

(It’s a “closed” group, any old person can’t join with a click)

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We’ve had an incredible summer adventure this season and I wanted to talk about some photos with you, here, take a peek

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No, another prosecutor did not contradict me. A case being a long shot to win doesn’t be that it is an automatic loss or prosecutors only put up slam dunks. We don’t.

What we don’t do, which you and Ms. Enright have a hard time understanding is put up cases where there is no possible way of getting beyond reasonable doubt. Beyond just ethical issues, judicial economy prevents doing such.

This is what Enright would understand if she ever spent anytime in the trenches.

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it was my favorite plant too… but it is rather tepenated.. at first I thought they were just fat calyx’s, but apon further inspection it became clear they were not. but the other plant is shooting some super tiny pistils so its all good. OG kush Flower day 9… I have more seeds and im not trying to risk pollen anywhere near my girls ever until I have a sterile and separate environment for them.

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