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That way of thinking is dangerous. It’s basically saying artists should self censor as to not have a portion of their work lead to a potentially negative thing happening. Placing the burden on the artist as opposed to a person doing something wrong takes away a persons agency and individual responsibility. Much like video games and Manson have been blamed for school shootings.

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Keep your head up !. I went from having no core group of friends to having tons in college and having a great time. Started a promising career entry level. Few years in developed a depression/anxiety disorder in Winter that disrupted my whole life. Career was in TV news. Just couldn’t overcome the anxiety issues to keep moving forward. Moved back east. Live with Mom and I’m 33. Working 16 hour shift this New Years as a security guard making 9 bucks an hour. Somehow I find a way to stay happy, but the world-economy seems to be going to shit. Don’t know what the next chapter in my life will be. Happy 2015 !

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I don’t care that other people like them, I care that they’re celebrated like they’re the greatest things to hit cinema.

If you seriously think Marvel movies are great films, then yeah, you have shitty taste in movies. Call me arrogant, but you have shitty fucking taste. The characters are bland, the plots are literally retreads from previous movies, and every one is a commercial for future Marvel movies. Marvel has made it clear that they won’t allow any movie to go too far out of the Marvel movie formula. They don’t deserve to be celebrated. Which isn’t to say they aren’t fun movies, but that’s all they are—if they manage to be that.

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