Town & Country Landscaping sponsors Tree of Life

Crazy 8 Barn and Garden     Our sponsor, Susanne Spence, Town & Country Landscaping, has finished restoring her octogonal barn at  14226 Talbot Trail, Palmyra, ON.

Here’s the barn quilt that her company, Town & Country Landscaping, sponsored in Wardsville.

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Bob Landsborough, Ken Willis, Ross Snider, Tom McCallum install the Tree of Life at the corner of Haggerty and Longwoods Road.

Tree of Life

The tree of life is the Irish symbol of Family. George Ward and his wife left their ancestral family in Ireland to come to the New World.  They were determined to build their own family and heritage in these lands. Many Irish people travelled to resettle in the Canadian wilderness in hopes of a better life. The English and Scots settled this part of Ontario as well. Many Europeans saw Canada as a land of opportunity and potential for prosperity. They left their native lands in order to have a chance at a better life.

Through these settlers the tree of life was established in Canada. Many couples came to the area with children and had many more children once settled. The families were large. Often as many as ten children were born to a single family. A family of five or six offspring was considered small.  Over the years, generations of people were established in the Longwoods region stemming from a few settlers such as George and Margaret Ward.

Town & Country Landscaping  Thank you Sue Spence for joining the barn quilt movement.


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