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Old Country Church

Wardsville’s St John’s Presbyterian Church provides a spectacular back drop for the Old Country Church barn quilt block. This block was painted by the Grade 5/6 students of Mosa Central School. Rick Sommer, Made on Earth outdoor art gallery artist, gave the painting a “touch up” ┬áto help preserve it for the winter. Being close to the road we wanted to make sure road salt did not affect the great job our young artists did.

Old Country Church at St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Wardsville

The St John’s Presbyterian Church members gave thumbs up for this barn quilt block. The original church was exactly like the painting.

Denise Corneil


Old Country Church: George and Margaret Ward were devout Anglicans. They believed that God was an omnipresent God who rewarded those who followed him. Prayer and worship were daily parts of the Wards’ life. They trusted God to ensure their safe arrival in Canada to establish a homestead. They believed that God created the earth and the soil. He was in control of their livelihood and survival. They had faith that God would provide a bountiful harvest every year.

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