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Turkey Tracks hosted by John and Michelle Cameron

The historical barn of John and Michelle Cameron, Wardsville, is the show case for the “Turkey Tracks” barn quilt block. Turkey Tracks is one block of the 30 block George Ward Commemorative Quilt and the Wardsville Barn Quilt Trail. Turkey Tracks symbolizes the basic food of wild turkey that early settlers where able to hunt. Wild Turkeys where reintroduced to Ontario in the 1970’s and have made a tremendous come back.

The Cameron barn is a show stopper! Seeing the tractor, grain hopper, barn and barn quilt in this wintery picture reminds us that Mother Nature can enhance beauty to farm life and make a simple scene look spectacular.

Denise Corneil

Tom and Trish May host the Compass

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Tom and Trish May of 677 Longwoods Road Newbury gladly offered their historical barn to showcase the Compass barn quilt block.  The silver colour of their barn siding and the modern paint colour choices highlight this barn quilt block on the Wardsville barn quilt trail.

Travelling through the dense Carolinian Forest in 1810, following dirt paths and deer trails, adventurers used the compass to navigate.

Compass as a Navigational Aid

The first person recorded to have used the compass was Zheng He (1371-1435) from the Yunnan province in China.

Navigation through this area was challenging.  The trees of Longwood’s were large and old. The forest was dense with thick-branched trees.  Trees rose one hundred feet to block out the sun during daylight hours so travellers had to have a good sense of direction.

George Ward and fellow settlers could ‘blaze a trail’, making hatchet marks on the trees along the path they travelled. To find their way back, they simply followed the marked trees.


World Premiere in Wardsville March 4, 2012

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