LeMoyne Star in Rodney Ontario

Le Moyne Star painted by Allan Watson Rodney Ontario

After months of waiting the LeMoyne Star has finally appeared on the garage door of Allan Watson, Rodney Ontario. Allan contacted me several months ago about his plan for “gettin on the barn quilt trail” He has sent along a little bit of information about his project.

Block name: LeMoyne Star (also The Divided Star, Star of the East, North Star, Louisiana Star).
This block was created prior to 1860. It is named after the LeMoyne brothers who settled in Louisiana in 1690 and founded the city of New Orleans. It is often called “Lemon Star” in the North.
The Watson’s found this block on a website and immediately fell in love with the colors and design. If you’re travelling South on the  Furnival road into Rodney check out this fabulous art piece. Here’s the address, 289 Furnival Rd Rodney ON.

Great job! Thanks for getting involved.



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  1. Beautiful Quilt Allan,
    did you know that i am a master quilter
    went to school for 5 yrs for this
    and i am teaching now
    maybe someday you could visit
    and i’ll do a quilt show !!

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