Wardsville Barn Quilt Tourists

Mildred Kulich stopped at the home of Denise Corneil’s Sunday July 10, 2011 in search of a map and details of the Wardsville Barn Quilt Trail. Millie stated “my cousins Jean Dimmel and Pat Powell,( both of Oregon, USA) are here on a vacation and where insistent that I take them on the Wardsville’s Barn Quilt Tour. The ladies where having a great time and had found all the blocks but needed a map to take home with them to Oregon. Wardsville’s Barn Quilt Trail has been a great success having visitors from England and Holland earlier this year. The first Middlesex Doors Open program, September 17 and 18, will highlight Wardsville Barn Quilts. Watch for upcoming details.

Need a map go to www.wardsville.ca, click on barn quilts? Print the map.

Glencoe resident,Mildred Kulick, tours cousins Jean Dimmel & Pat Powell, Oregon USA


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