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Amish Hex barn sign goes up near Wallacetown

In keeping with the region’s Barn Quilt theme, Yvonne Brooks at Country Seat Upholstery Studio has installed an Amish Hex Barn Sign.”When they were doing the barn signs over Wardsville way… I decided that I would do one more in keeping with my present life,” said Brooks.

Last year, the Your Wardsville Community Association spearheaded a project to create 30 murals, called barn quilt blocks, to be painted and displayed across the area to celebrate their local history and act as a tourist draw. Brooks decided to follow suit with her own painted work, which is now mounted on her barn at 28143 Talbot Line, Wallacetown.

The Amish Hex barn sign is a painting of three tulips growing out of a heart, and surrounded by a blue ring.

Brooks said that she drew inspiration from barn signs that she saw 30 years ago when she was honeymooning in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

“Many years ago, going through Pennsylvania Dutch country, many, many of the farms have them on the barns,” said Brooks. “You don’t have to be an artist to do them, because the signs are very straight-forward.”

Brooks said that each element in her folk art piece has its own meaning. The blue outer ring represents smooth sailing in life. The heart represents love, and the three tulips represent the trinity of faith, hope and charity.

Country Seat Upholstery Studio,   Yvonne Brooks, 28143 Talbot Line, Wallacetown, ON N0L 2M0     519-762-2965 or 1-866-401-2965;  email:

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