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Art-Other than Barn Quilts

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Elmer Lumley of 2835 River Drive Glencoe ON has taken Barn Quilt art to the next level.

Elmer painted this lovely circular design on a 48″ antique saw blade. This saw blade was used in the family saw mills. “I remember it being used in the 1940’s ” Elmer states. Elmer is a creative guy, as you can see by the bear silhouettes he made.

This is just a small example of how art can help to form a community. “Creatives”, people who enjoy making things from whirly gigs, to silhouettes, to willow furniture to quilts,making art that can be decorative as well as functional. These people live in all of our communities ………..           

Creative Communities.

Keep up the great work. If you have pictures of great rural art send them to this address and we will start a rural photo album.

Thanks Denise

Pointed Star

The Location.

The house window that inspired the barn quilt design:

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