‘Pointed Star’ at the Nauvoo Ranch

The Griffiths spent nine years renovating the interior of the 17-room French Victorian house they bought from the Dolbear estate in 1990.  The owners had been Lilian and Ernest Dolbear and it was built by Ernest’s father in 1875.

Garolynne Griffith says that she and Arthur, her husband who passed away in 2008, had a great time doing the renovations and once complete, they operated the house as a bed and breakfast.  In 2004, the couple moved into the house.

Re-doing the barns was the last project Arthur completed before he died.

The original horse stalls are still in the barn.  Griffith said saddlebag preachers used to come from Nauvoo, Illinoise an left their horses at the homestead where they stayed until they were ready to go back home.  She said this is where the name Nauvoo Road started.

Mrs. Griffith said Mrs. Dobear used to hold summer camps at the Ranch. Children slept in a bunkhouse and learned the ins and outs of the farm.  They looked after ponies, cleaned the barn, laid bedding and helped tend the garden.

“There definitely is a lot of history in this place,” Griffith said.

The pattern of the quilt is also unique to the Nauvoo Ranch home as it is taken directly from a pattern in one of the original stained glass windows located at the front of the home.  The fleur-de-lys is in the centre of the quilt block.  It is also found in stained glass throughout the home and in decorative pieces.

By Stephanie Cattrysse, Watford-Guide Advocate, Thursday September 16, 2010.  Page 9.  Excerpt from article.


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