‘Crossroads’ at Nauvoo Ranch, Twp. of Brooke-Alvinston

Driving past the Nauvoo Ranch or the former Charlie Annett Homestead on Nauvoo Road between Petrolia Line and Rokeby Line in the Township of Brooke-Alvinston, one will notice an eight foot square pattern on each of the barns.

The farms owned by Carolynne Griffith each have their own unique story, which is what Griffith says the barn quilts represent.

This barn quilt is located on farm that used to be owned by Charlie Annett.  The pattern looks like a road, which Griffith said to her signifies the Nauvoo Road that she believes was a Native trail.  The artist, Rick Sommer, of Wardsville, says the quilt is called “Crossroads” and is where four communities come together.  The blue represents the Thames River.

“It’s the only road in the area that links directly from Lake Erie to Lake Huron she said. Red and orange are colours incorporated into the quilt, a reflection of the brick the house was made of.

Griffith said she recalls several occasions when Mr. Annett would boast that his was the first brick home built in the area.  This was in 1875 and according to Mr. Annett’s stories, workers used to make the bricks right on the farm, using a machine that baked the bricks.  Griffith said one could tell by looking at the bricks, as they are smaller and narrower in size than bricks used today.

The old Annett home is currently undergoing renovations and Griffith said she may turn it into a bed and breakfast once it is completed.

By Stephanie Cattrysse, Watford Guide-Advocate, September 16, 2010.  Excerpt from article.





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