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Dear Denise,

I live in London and travel #2 Highway regularly. When I noticed the increasing appearance of the quilt patterns on the barns, I decided to stop at one location to get some information. I inquired at Knapp’s farm equipment. They were very helpful by giving me your email and phone number. I’m wondering if you could send me something about your project; I know it is to do with your anniversary of the founding of Wardsville and the telling of Mr. Wards history in quilt art. I’m also interested in whether or not you have maps of the locations of this beautiful work.  

Thanks for whatever you can offer.  

Marian, London, ON.


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  1. Hello Marian
    What a surpirse!
    A traveller along the Longwoods Trail stopping for information. This is great. This is what we want to happen.
    Information, go to click on Barn Quilts. There are several maps, two story boards that tell what each block symbolizes, patterns, videos and more. Pass the word on to your friends and family. Barn Quilts are not just for rural areas but for city garden sheds as well. You drive by the Made on Earth art gallery as well. Rick Sommer is east of Wardsille in a converted school house…
    Thanks for sending me a note.
    Denise Corneil

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