Apple Tree Orchard

The Fisher Family have given so much to Wardsville over the years. Many thanks to Marlene Fisher and family for the wonderful Pig Roast Fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation held today in the rain. As always, a wonderful party.

The Fisher property on Haggerty Road is a wonderful setting for the “Apple Tree”.

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Apple Tree

According to records, George Ward owned an apple orchard of 80 healthy and productive trees. His garden and orchard was said to be the best between Amherstburg and Delaware. Apple orchards were a common and essential part of settler life in the 1800s. Everyone grew his or her own fruit and vegetables.

Apples could be eaten fresh from the tree, used in pies or collected and dried for a winter food. Women such as Margaret Ward were responsible for apple preserves. They also made cider, vinegar and special wine out of apples. Ward’s orchards were reportedly destroyed in the war. He was reimbursed and reestablished his orchard to its former greatness.


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