Double Irish Chain,Bounty for the Thames:Fish & Indian Paintbrush INSTALLED

Double Irish Chain

The Thamesville Community Credit Union-Wardsville Branch is the proud host and sponsor of the Double Irish Chain barn quilt block. The Double Irish Chain is a very tradtional quilt block pattern that we have used to symbolize George Wards Country of birth, Ireland. George Ward was born in 1743.

Bounty from the Thames: Fish


Bounty from the Thames:Fish is being hosted and sponsored by the Johnston family farm. John and Christine where excited to be asked to host one of the barn quilt blocks. Their heritage barn is in great shape and is on the Johnston Line south of Wardsville.Bounty from the Thames symbolizes the dependency pioneers had on the river for food.


Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush a brightly painted barn quilt block in the colours of our First Nations Neighour, Delaware Moravia of the Thames, the First People. Indian Paintbrush is in honour of the First Nations people that assisted George and Margaret Ward in this area.

Ken Fitt and Ilse Buhn are the hosts of this barn quilt block with Wardsville Tire Sales being the generous sponsor.


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