First Barn Quilts Installed



Bev Corneil, Mat & Tom McCallum install first barn quilt block

The Wagon Tracks Barn quilt block was the first installation for Tom McCallum and his team. Tom has been the lead framer and installer bringing many years of construction knowledge to the barn quilt project. Pictured here with his son Mat and fishing buddy Bev Corneil the trio installed the first barn quilt block for the Wardsville Barn Quilt Trail. Wagon Tracks symbolizes the trails created by pioneers with ox and wagon. 

Corn, Beans & Wheat insatalled on the barn of Jan and Paul Moniz

Jan and Paul Moniz are hosting the Corn, Beans and Wheat barn quilt block. This barn quilt block symbolizes the crops that George Ward grew here in the Wardsville area. Corn, Beans & Wheat pays hommage to the farmers of our area.

The Moniz Barn is one of the great “pack” barns that remain in our community. The pack barn is where great bales of dried and graded flu cured tobacco was stored until the tobacco went to the sale barn in Aylmer. The barn is presently used as storage.


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