Welcome to Wardsville

Hello from Wardsville Ontario!

2010 marks the 200th anniversary of George Ward “homesteading” this great little rural community.  In 1810, George was asked by the British to establish a stopping point between Detroit and Toronto along the Longwoods  Trail.  Ward’s Inn provided  food, shelter and provisions for the British Army and weary travellers .

to  honor  George  and his wife Margaret, the citizens of Wardsville are  creating 30  Barn Quilts and a Barn Quilt Trail for you to come and view. These Barn Quilts symbolize George and Margaret Ward’s life.

The tradition of hospitality that these two pioneers started carries on and we welcome you to get on the Wardsville Bicentennial “Barn Quilt Trail” and come and visit our community in the beautiful banana belt of southwest Ontario on the Canadian Heritage Thames River.

Denise Corneil, Wardsville ON

P.S. The citizens of Wardsville and area thank the federal Heritage Canada for their generous contribution to the 2010 Wardsville Bicentennial Barn Quilt project.


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