Wardsville Trail Map – detailed

Before you go for a drive, click below this map and go to Google Map.  Then click on print on the upper right hand side of map.  A navigational map with the George and Margaret Ward story will print for you.  Zoom in and print a second map only for more detail.

All Quilt Barn sites are located on private property. They should be viewed only from the road unless otherwise indicated at the site location or if that site is a business open to the public. On any quilt trail, please use caution when slowing down or stopping near a site. Stopping on busy roads can be dangerous and illegal.

Please reply below if you have any suggestions or complaints about printing the google map.  Dave’s Cafe and the Wardsville Library also have maps that you can pick up.

  1. I was out for a drive with a friend when we saw the quilt squares. It would have been nice to have known what they were for. I think a marker or something would be good. Luckily we remembered the area and were able to find the information online once we returned home. Where are the posters sold?

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